Claus F. Povlsen

‘Lost In Sandoz’: U.S. Heavy Psych 1968-1972

Foto: Olivia Sif Hahn

‘Lost In Sandoz’: U.S. Heavy Psych 1968-1972

Vi tager turen til USA og spiller mindre kendte perler i grænselandet i mellem hardrock, heavy og proto metal.

Musik En del af serien:

Lost in Sandoz

Mange kender metallens forløbere Blue Cheer, Cream, Vanilla Fudge eller Iron Butterfly men vi går skridtet videre.

Vær beredt på en uptempo heavy dose guitar psych!

Playlist tilrettelagt med ugens gæst Anders “Rare” Rähr.


  • Twentieth Century Zoo – Quiet Before the Storm
  • Morning Dew – The Gypsy
  • Moving Sidewalks – No Good To Cry
  • American Blues – If I Were A Carpenter
  • American Blues – Comin’ Back Home
  • Houston Fearless – Blue Bones and Ashes
  • Morgen – Welcome to the Void
  • Firebirds – No Tomorrows
  • Josefus – I Need A Woman
  • Josefus – I Saw a Killin’
  • Euclid – Bye Bye Baby
  • Third Power – Gettin’ Together
  • Parish Hall – My Eyes are Getting Heavy
  • Saint Anthony’s Fire – Love Over You
  • Lincoln St. Exit – Man Machine
  • It’s All Meat – Roll My Own
  • Fraction – Come Out of Her
  • Yesterday’s Children – Hunter’s Moon
  • Warpig – Melody With Balls
  • Fuse – Show Me
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