Claus Povlsen

‘Lost In Sandoz’: Fuzz, sommer & psych – Sommer psych!

‘Lost In Sandoz’: Fuzz, sommer & psych – Sommer psych!

‘Lost in Sandoz’ vært Claus F. Povlsen gør jer sommerklar med en udsøgt omgang psych rock fra sluttressernes USA, som altid på ‘Lost in Sandoz’ er hentet fra gamle original vinyler, der sikrer den helt rigtige autentiske lyd. Skru’ op for sommeren og tag med tilbage i tiden.

Musik En del af serien:

Lost in Sandoz

Playlist er psych fra ca. 1967-1969 med vægt på fuzz pedal krydret med kærlige chilled tunes.


  • Flat Earth Society – Portrait in Grey
  • 13th Floor Elevators – Rose and Thorn
  • Federal Duck – Peace in Mind
  • Sapphire Thinkers – Please Understand
  • Lacewing – Crystal Myth
  • Love Exchange – Meadow Memory
  • Carolyn Hester Coalition – Magic, Man
  • It’s a Beautiful Day – Aquarian Dream
  • The Freak Scene – A Million Grains of Sand
  • Yankee Dollar – Follow Your Dream’s Way
  • Love – I’m with You
  • Growing Concern – Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled
  • Creation of Sunlight – In the Middle of Happy
  • Children – Pictorial
  • Christopher – Magic Cycles
  • Hubbels – Candlelight
  • Plastic Cloud – Shadows of Your Mind
  • Haymarket Square – Elevator
  • Ill Wind – My Dark World
  • Indian Puddin’ & Pipe – Two’s a Pair
  • Sagittarius – You Know I’ve Found a Way
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