Claus F. Povlsen

‘Lost In Sandoz’: Da electronica mødte psych rocken

Foto: Olivia Sif Hahn

‘Lost In Sandoz’: Da electronica mødte psych rocken

Claus Povlsen zoomer ind på perioden 1966-1970, hvor synthesizere og keyboards for første gang nogensinde begynder at blive brugt i rockmusik.

Musik En del af serien:

Lost in Sandoz

I denne uges afsnit af ‘Lost in Sandoz’ kommer vi forbi Moog, Mellotron, chamberlin, theremin og hører eksempler på tunes, der har inspireret nyere bands som Portishead og Broadcast, samt electronica scenen.

Som altid på ‘Lost in Sandoz’ er lyden hentet fra original vinyler og podcast tager et seriøst psych twist undervejs!


  • The Byrds – C.T.A. (Moog – excerpt)
  • Fifty Foot Hose – And After / If Not This Time
  • The Neighb’rhood Childr’n – Long Years In Space
  • Love Exchange – Saturday Night Flight 505
  • Jefferson Airplane – Chushingura (Moog)
  • The United States of America – The American Metaphysical Circus
  • Zerfas – Fool’s Parade (excerpt)
  • David Stoughton – The Anecdote of Horatio and Julie (excerpt)
  • The Monkees – Daily Nightly (Paul Beaver, Moog)
  • Bit ‘A Sweet – Diamond Studded Eyes
  • The National Gallery – Fear of Becoming Double
  • Silver Apples – Velvet Cave (oscillator etc.)
  • Fred Weinberg – Animosity
  • White Noise – The Visitation (first British synthesizer, EMS Synthi VCS3)
  • J. Marks and Shipen Lebzelter – It’s True
  • Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
  • H.P. Lovecraft – Mobius Trip
  • Elephant’s Memory – Old Man Willow (excerpt)
  • The Split Level – Looking at the Rose Through World Colored Glasses (synth)
  • The Birmingham Sunday – Egocentrick Solitude (Chamberlin)
  • The Beach Boys – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times (Theremin)
  • Sagittarius – From You Onto Us (Moog)
  • Simon & Garfunkel – Save the Life of My Child (Moog)
  • The Beatles – Because (Moog, electric harpsichord)
  • The Bermuda Jam – Good Trip Lollipop
  • St. Pius X Seminary Choir – Acts 4.1.2. (excerpt)
  • Afterglow – Susie’s Gone
  • The Paisleys – Now
  • Salvation – Salvation Jam (Moog)
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