Uffe Lorenzen og Claus Povlsen

‘Lost In Sandoz’: Uffe Lorenzen presents Psych on 45!

‘Lost In Sandoz’: Uffe Lorenzen presents Psych on 45!

Lost in Sandoz gæstes af musiker Uffe Lorenzen (Spids Nøgenhat, Baby Woodrosem.m.fl.) der senest har udgivet soloalbummet Galmandsværk og netop har afsluttet omfattende danmarksturné.

Musik En del af serien:

Lost in Sandoz

Uffe har kurateret playlist med udsøgte originale 45s (singler) under temaet psych!


  • Bhagavad-Gita – Longhair Soulful
  • The Sound Sandwich – Apothecary Dream
  • The Second Helping – Floating Downstream on an Inflatable Rubber Raft
  • The Sunliners – Land of Nod
  • Power – Children Ask
  • The Riders of the Mark – The Electronic Insides And Metal Complexion That Make Up Herr Doktor Krieg
  • David – People Saying, People Seeing
  • Lincoln St. Exit – Sunny Sunday Dream
  • The Shadow Casters – Cinnamon Snowflake
  • The Modulation Corporation – What To Do
  • The Crystal Garden – Peach Fuzz Forest
  • The Rainy Daze – Blood of Oblivion
  • The United Travel Service – Wind and Stone
  • Dennis & The Times – Flight Patterns
  • The Hallmarks – Soul Shakin’ Psychedelic Sally
  • Kenny & The Kasuals – Journey to Tyme
  • Wreck-A-Mended – Dirty Old Man
  • Robin Lee & The Revels – Flyin’ High
  • Lord and The Flies – Echoes
  • The Third Bardo – I’m Five Years Ahead of My Time
  • The First Crow to the Moon – The Sun Lights Up the Shadows of Your Mind
  • World Column – Lantern Gospel
  • Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds – A Wristwatch Band
  • The Raik’s Progress – Sewer Rat Love Chant
  • Six Feet Under – Inspiration in My Head
  • Count Five – Contrast
  • The Fantastic Zoo – Light Slow
  • Stu Mitchell with Wes Dakus Rebels – Acid
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