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8. januar 2019 | | En del af serien Lost in Sandoz

2019 startes op i kærlighedens tegn. Vært Claus Povlsen og gæst Claus Rosenblad har gravet dybt efter overjordisk smukke beat-ballader. Musikken ledsages af hjerteskærende lyrik, og det bliver lidt sukkersødt, men handler mere kærlighedens skyggesider.

Radiovært på programmet 'Lost in Sandoz'

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Sammen med dagens gæst Claus Rosenblad (musiker, musikbibliotekar og pladesamler) har ‘Lost in Sandoz’ fundet cirka 30 favoritter i genren beat/moody garage fra 1963-1968.

Som altid i ‘Lost in Sandoz’ er fokus på de knapt så kendte kunstnere, hentet fra gamle originale vinyludgaver.

  • Burt Bacharach – The Look of Love (intro – excerpt)
  • The Rumblers – Sorry (For the Way I Treated You)
  • Jack Bedient & The Chessmen – Pretty One
  • Wes Dakus Rebels – Someone Stronger
  • The Uniques – All These Things
  • The Knickerbockers – I Believe in Her
  • The New Survivors – But I Know
  • The Accents – Why
  • The Gants – Never Go Right
  • The Todds – Things Will Change
  • The Five Americans – The Losing Game
  • The Wild Things – Love Comes, Love Goes
  • The Beau Brummels – I Would Be Happy
  • The Guilloteens – I Don’t Believe
  • New Colony Six – I and You
  • Tonto & The Renegades – I Knew This Thing Would Happen
  • The London Knights – Go to Him
  • The Four Pennies – Cryin’ Inside
  • The Outer Limits – Don’t Need You No More
  • The Unrelated Segments –  It’s Gonna Rain
  • The Nightcrawlers – If You Want My Love
  • The Zombies – I Remember When I Loved Her
  • The Wanted – Here to Stay
  • Love – Message to a Pretty
  • The Soothsayers – I Don’t Know
  • Lance Fox & The Bloodhounds – You Got Love
  • Ed Wool & the Nomads – I Need Somebody
  • The Tidal Waves – She Left Me All Alone
  • The Daybreakers – Afterthoughts
  • The Springfield Rifle – I Loved Her (outro – excerpt)

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Claus Povlsen

Radiovært på programmet 'Lost in Sandoz'